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About Dr Edward de Bono

Dr Edward de Bono is widely regarded as the world authority on thinking. He has written 68 books, has six university degrees and was sought after as consultant to heads of state and corporate leaders. In 1967 he published "Lateral Thinking" and subsequently Lateral Thinking came to exist in the Oxford English Dictionary for the first time. Lateral thinking is not a gift, and thinking itself is not natural. Dr Edward de Bono designed specific thinking tools and it is in the training of these tools that Dennis R Perrin is accredited.

Thinking is a Skill

By practising specific tools we make thinking, and life, easier. Problems are solved. Creativity becomes understood (simplified and de-mystified). Anyone can be a thinker. Anyone can be creative. It's more a matter of will than intelligence. It takes some training. It takes some time. It takes some discipline. Simple tools can be very powerful. Welcome to Dr Edward de Bono's Thinking Training provided by Dennis.

Current Thinking is Inadequate

  • In his book "Parallel Thinking", Dr de Bono explains how the thinking of the ancient Greek philosophers have dominated Western civilisation for 2,400 years.
  • Now in a few days we can learn tools that revolutionise the way we think. Instead of rushing to judgement, we create alternatives that include human values.
Dr Edward de Bono

Dr Edward de Bono 1933-2021.

Photo taken in 2006 during a lunch with Dennis after which he accompanied Dr de Bono to his home in Piccadilly where Dennis was granted an interview.